EnsuraTech, LLC


A brief summary of solutions offered by EnsuraTech:


Network Security: A set of proper provisions and polices to safeguard your network from unauthorized access, misuse, modification, and/or simply securing network-accessible resources. Periodic, independent, security audits are always a good addition to a network administrator’s security strategy.

Network Documentation: Often overlooked or left on the back-burner, network documentation helps ensure networks are organized, secure, and properly maintained. There are numerous reasons as to why your Network Administrator may not be available to assist with troubleshooting in a time of need. A well-documented network allows other parties to assist when crisis hits and to properly plan for modifications.

Disaster Recovery: Backups are essential in the Age of Information, but a simple local backup is not enough. We store everything from client contact information to employee files to family photos digitally these days. Whether a catastrophic natural event or human-induced calamity strikes, a full disaster recovery plan is important to safeguard your organization is not crippled when a disaster strikes.

Virtualization: Bring your organization into the modern era with Virtualization! Consolidate your equipment maximize efficiency and reduce management overhead with a virtual environment. Reduce energy consumption, decrease hardware costs, and streamline network management via virtualization.